Is junk food always bad?--张楠欣同学在2021NSDA上的演讲

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        Like most teenagers, I like to eat junk food. When I was a little girl, every time I passed a fast food restaurant like KFC and McDonald, I could not move. My legs felt thousands of pounds and my eyes were set in the door. The greasy smell of fried chicken and crispy chips came out pleasantly, wormed its way into my nose and constantly kept telling me “Come in and enjoy!” Then I turned around, looked at my mom who’d been standing by my side with praying eyes even if I knew that stories always end in me being a crying little girl taken away by an evil strict mother!

        I grow up, having been told that those foods which are burnt, high in oil, salt and sugar are junk. By consuming them kids easily become fat, get nutrition imbalance and catch diseases. The junk food restaurants are on the parents’ blacklists and considered as forbidden zones for kids. However, there are times that my mom satisfies my desire and take me to get a taste of some junk in the name of reward. I can still remember how excited I was when she cheered me on before a piano contest in KFC 5 years ago. The practice indeed helped me a lot in relieving stress and comforting my tiring heart.

        Now as a teenager, my demand for fried chicken is not so crazy as that in childhood, I still expect ‘’junk food’’ sometimes. The food here refers to something that really affairs my goal, my study and even my normal life. Here people simply call the “food” as “giving up and having a rest” or “escapism, the temptation that I find very difficult to avoid or escape, something that I’ve wanted to devote myself into for thousands of times. However, just like my relaxing and pleasant days with KFC, sometimes giving-up and escaping from reality do help me getting out of piles of homework, reducing the over pressure that is put on me, escaping from the hustle and bustle brought by the busy teenage world.  

        Every time I am overwhelmed by the endless work and have no way out, I allow myself to stop and have a rest. Either lying in bed for a whole day or going out for a free scenery appreciation relives me. When I come back there’s a totally refreshing girl who can overcome any obstacles lying in front of me.

        See, junk food isn’t all that bad. Life can be full of hardships, so it’s nice to take a step back from reality and get lost in fantasies of our own minds. Escaping allows a momentary reprieve from some circumstances, giving me chance to recharge your batteries before you jump back into the fray.

        But then I understand it deeply that escapism can go too far. Nobody lives healthily by having junk food every day. Too much of it can turn into avoidance and make me stagnate instead of actively pursuing my goals.

        So ladies and gentle, it’s not shameful to escape, no one shall be blamed for that. But keep one thing in mind, ’A little wind kindles, much puts out the fire’, always remember how far to go and when to stop.